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Why Us

A few things we’re great at

Since 1997 we proudly service thousands of businesses to take advantage of tax credits, saving hundreds of millions in tax savings. Every day our tax credit specialists engage in extraordinary range of activities that facilitate the growth of local businesses and their local economy.

At Tracs Group, our team of specialists work together with businesses, CPA firms and local economic development committees to take advantage of the various tax credits available. We put an emphasis on the Job Tax Credit program offered by the Department of Community Affairs of Georgia as it is the most beneficial tax credit to both businesses and their local economy.

We only specialize in tax credits.

We analyze your company to see which credits are available to your company.

We work with your CPA, hand in hand, to deliver you the most profitable credit to your company.

We minimize the workload for your accounting & payroll department.

We work purely on contingency basis.

We reduce liability by working closely with the federal, state, and local government agencies.

Tax credits that we generate will help your company grow and increase cash flow.

We focus on the most beneficial tax credit for your company.